EasyApache4 and CSF

If you upgrade from EasyApache 3 to EasyApache4 and you run CSF (ConfigServer Firewall), you’re going to need to make some changes to your CSF configuration because the Apache logs have been moved to a different directory. If you don’t make these changes, CSF will not be able to monitor your system effectively. As far […]

IPSET for CPanel/WHM and CSF

If you use CSF (ConfigServer Firewall) on a CPanel/WHM system and you block a lot of IP addresses, performance can degrade on your server. One way to improve performance is to install IPSET and then plug that into CSF. It’s a simple two-step process: 1. In WHM, go to Software -> Install an RPM, wait […]

LFD spamd – suspicious process running under user cpanel

If you’ve installed the CSF firewall and its associated LFD process, you may be plagued with: suspicious process running under cpanel messages relating to spamd child. It will have something like /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/514/bin/perl as the executable. In most cases this is a false-positive in terms of being a suspicious process and you could probably do without the emails cluttering up your […]