El Capitan and Exchange aliases solution

osx-iconFurther to my previous post, after a bit of playing around I’ve found a solution to the problem of using Exchange aliases in OS X Mail under OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

It seems the accounts.plist file is now superfluous and the way to add an alias is as follows:

1. In OSX Mail, select Mail -> Preferences.

2. Highlight your Exchange account from the list on the left.

3. Make sure the Account Information tab is selected in the right panel and look for the Alias dropdown.

4. The alias dropdown may be greyed out (it was for me) so, if it is, go to the Outgoing Mail Server dropdown and change it to none.

5. Close down that panel (or select another mail account from the left menu if you have one) to force it to save. It should ask you if you want to save settings.

6. Go back into that panel and you should find the Alias dropdown is no longer greyed out, so click the dropdown box and then select Edit Aliases.

7. You can now use the + and – buttons to add any aliases you want.

8. When you’ve added all your aliases, before you exit, change the Outgoing Mail Server entry back to Exchange.

That’s it. You shouldn’t even need to reboot the mail app. Your aliases should now be available to select via the ‘From‘ dropdown when you create or reply to a mail message.

  1. Great!

    Can you set a default alias? (i.e. I may have 2 aliases for one account, but there is one I would like to use by default)

    • Not as far as I’m aware. If you’re replying it defaults to the alias the original message was sent to but I don’t think you can set an over all default alias.

        • You can actually, if you go to Mail->Preferences->Composing
          In the addressing section there is a dropdown menu where you can select which alias you default to when composing

          • Kishore / All – Setting Preferences -> Composing to to the address alias you wish only affects NEW messages. It does not affect replies to an email that come through an alias.


  2. Sadly with latest OSX 10.11.5 this problem still persists, e.g. adding an Office365 as Exchange account will only allow you to receive emails but not send any from it (dropdown will simply not show the email address) – following the instructions in this blog post solved the problem for me.

  3. unfortunately, even after implementing this change – your IT dept can still mess it up: you may think you’re sending from an alias whilst the IT guys just ignore that setting and your receiver still sees the (un)appropriate from-address…

  4. Amazing! Thanks a lot!
    However, is there a way to receive these message at these alias and read them in my inbox without having to log in MS Exchange mail and connect to another inbox?

  5. This has stopped working in Sierra. The option to add aliases is no longer greyed out but adding them doesn’t seem to help. Anyone having the same trouble?

  6. @once, it has changed in Sierra but – on my computer at least – it has become easier.

    All I need to do now is dropdown the list of email addresses, click ‘Edit email addresses’ in that list, then click the ‘+’ on the resulting screen and add the new email address.

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