SVN – resolve conflicts

techie-iconI use Versions to manage SVN for me and in general it’s pretty good. One thing it’s poor at though is resolving conflicts. It allegedly has a facility to allow one to resolve conflicts but the ‘Mark as Resolved’ right-click menu option is always greyed out whenever I want to use it, which makes it all fairly pointless.

That means getting down to the command line to sort things out, which means using Terminal on my OS X system. I presume the following works similarly at the Windows DOS prompt but I haven’t tried it and cannot vouch for it.

Anyway, what I do to resolve conflicts is this:

1. Open up a terminal window and navigate via the Linux CD command to the directory that contains the conflicted file.

2. I first try the following (replacing filename with the name of the file in conflict):

sudo svn resolve --accept mine-full filename

It may ask for your password via the sudo on the front if you don’t already have elevated privileges.

3. If the above doesn’t work, I then try:

sudo svn resolve --accept working filename

One of those usually works for me.

I don’t pretend to understand the inner workings of SVN – I just don’t care – so don’t ask me for an explanation. But it seems to work.

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